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Photo Contest Assistant needed

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2016' started by gvcmel, Jul 26, 2016.

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    Looking for a volunteer to assist with the Photo Contest this year. In particular, someone with a background in art or photography that can assist with the judging of the photos for an hour on Friday night.

    And yes, you are allowed to drink during this activity - LOL.
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    One last bump. Need two people to volunteer to judge photos on Friday night. If you're at OFest and would like to help check in at registration, they know how to find me most of the time.
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    Are the results posted anywhere?
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    BMWs at Rest​
    Third Place Jack Carpenter​

    Second Place Kai Yu​

    First Place Margaret Hartlea ​

    BMWs at the Current Oktoberfest​
    ​Third Place Julia Olsen-Peterson​

    Second Place Michael Washington​

    First Place Michael Mitchell ​

    BMWs and People​
    ​Third Place Michael Mitchell​

    Second Place Julia Olsen Peterson​

    First Place Byron McCauley ​

    BMWs in Competition & Action​
    ​Third Place Stanley Woo​

    Second Place Bob Morin​

    First Place Sheila Morin ​

    Original BMW Artwork/Drawings​
    ​Third Place Byron McCauley​

    Second Place Michael Mitchell​

    First Place David Yando ​

    Enhanced or Manipulated Photography of BMWs​
    ​Third Place Sam Hurly​

    Second Place Byron McCauley​

    First Place Sueann Meskell ​
    ​ ​
    Peoples Choice​

    Michael Mitchell​

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