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Phone Misery

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by davebmw, Jan 10, 2009.

    davebmw guest

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    Look Guys, Here's the thing. We have had nothing but trouble trying to find a phone to pair with my husband's 2008 X3. We first tried the Motorola Razr because it works so well in my 5 Series. Well, it doesn't work at all in the 3 Series. Ok, so we go on the BMW website for compatible phones and guess what? Most of the phones listed are dicontinued. So, here I am in the club site and nothing here ( that I can find) is up to date. Is there anybody out there who can help?

    M3Driver guest

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    Well theoretically, any Bluetooth phone "should" work. My wife's '08 X3 pairs nicely with her 2 year old Nokia flip-phone.

    The last couple of times we have purchased cell phones the reps at the store have steered us far away from any Motorola phone. They told us they have more problems with those than any of them. Perhaps you should try another brand?

    Johnathon Spira is the resident electronic guru can provide more info I am sure.

    Personally, I'm ready for a new Apple iPhone......:D

    davebmw guest

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    Hey Thanks!

    Thanks for the advice. The iphone would be great BUT......my poor husband would be thrown for a loop with all that crazy technology! I wonder were I could find a 2 year old Nokia. Now that he could handle!:
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    Space Cowboy

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    My Razr V3xx works perfectly with my 2008 E92 M3. Check to make sure the software on the phone is up to date.

    Jonathan Spira guest

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    In theory yes, but not in practice. ;)

    See the most recent review published on www.bmwcca.org with links to other reviews.

    N.B. The X3 uses a different TCU so what works there won't necessarily translate to a MOST bus car.

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