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Performance Chips for 88 M6

Discussion in 'E24 M6 (1987-1998)' started by BINGO, Nov 2, 2010.

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    I recently purchased 88 M6 with a Autothority Performance Chip. I tried to call the company In an effort to find out the specs but they do not return calls/e-mails. I found the chip advertised on E-bay. The spec on the E-bay advertisement states 18HP gain. Turner still makes a chip that advertises 43HP, 21 torque. I do not believe that Dinan still has a chip.

    My question is does anyone know what the advertised HP gain on the Autothority chip and where it suppose to show up in the RPM range ?

    Is the Turner chip a good product ?
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    Autothority was one of, if not the, first companies to offer a performance chip for BMW's. Autothority, whatever is left of it, is, I believe, a shadow of its former self, at best - so I wouldn't expect you to have much success digging up info from them.

    Jim Conforti became the BMW aftermarket "go-to" guy for chips after the first wave of BMW chip tuning, and with a ridiculous depth of knowledge of tuning and the Bosch Motronic system, started introducing chips which were more finely tuned with better results than the first generation Autothority chips. I believe virtually all the Turner software tuning products are done by Conforti, so, yes, the Turner chips are good products.

    There's only so much that can be accomplished w/ software tuning due to the airflow and fuel rate constraints of the stock components. Without having ever driven the car extensively with the stock chip in place, the differences are minor enough that they'll probably show up more on a dyno than you can sense from the seat of your pants. That being said, if you pop in the Turner chip, you'll probably be able to feel the difference from the Autothority chip, but again, it's probably not going to be a omg-wow difference. Good tuning generally would show an overall increase across the hp and torque curves rather than a more noticeable bump at a specific rpm or torque point.

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    Thanks for the info and advise ! I ordered the Turner chip. I'm guessing it's the same steps to install it as my 635CSI.

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    My Shark came with the Conforti chip, and I still have the original instructions for installation if yours does not arrive with them. They are quite comprehensive.

    Good luck!

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