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paint issue - warranty?

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by 2008bimmerM3, Oct 23, 2008.

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    I just bought a brand new 2008 M3 coupe 3 weeks ago, the car only has 600 miles. I noticed this problem 3 days after I purchased it while washing it. My paint wasn't immaculate. It has a factory blemish on the rear passenger side bumper, right below the tail light. Please take a look at the picture. The paint is a little bit scraped and wrinkled. No way this is a chip, even the dealer admitted that it was a problem that occured at the factory while the paint might have still been a little bit wet. However, the dealer is only willing to "touch" it up, which still will bother me as I paid good money for this car, and I am an "M" enthusiast. I hope someone can help me on this board. Thanks in advance.
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    I have a friend who paints cars for a living, and says that the large scale auto manufactures cannot paint cars to the quality they use to be able to because of environmental laws. They have to keep to a minimum the amount of paint that is released into the air. I know they have paint booths that catch the over spray, but this was his reasoning. He said all new cars now come with "orange peel".

    So if you want perfect paint, I would suggest getting your car painted by a extremely high end/quality automobile paint shop, someone who paints concours level automobiles.

    As for your blemish, to me it looks pretty small and cars are not perfect even when new. That is why when cars are restored people often mention "to better than factory standards". The first time you are on the highway behind an 18 wheeler you are most likely to get a large nick to the paint from a stone anyway. A new car is only new for a fleeting moment in time.

    It is not in a very noticeable location. I would let the dealer touch it up and be done with it. Getting a repaint on BMW's dime or a new car is very unlikely.

    Just my 02 cents worth.

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    you can easily touch this up. Then focus on more important things, like properly breaking in that engine!

    however.... now is a good time to get that hood film installed.

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