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Package for convertibles

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2010' started by Wanderlustbob, Mar 1, 2010.

    Wanderlustbob guest

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    Okay if convertibles were allowed to do the driving school I would sign up for the M1 package for $498. But it is not allowed. However, I want to do everything else in that package.

    Can I do so and subtract the $250 cost of the driving school bringing my registration fee to $248?

    Or do I have to buy package M2 for $220 plus then add $35 for autocross and $60 for the car control clinic bringing it up to $315.

    That would make me spend $67 more because I own a convertible.

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    steven s

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    Convertibles are allowed with the proper safety equipment.
    That discussion is for another time and place.

    The only option is to sign up for the M2 package ($220) and select Autocross ($35) and Car Control Clinic ($60) as you already stated.
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    Or bring a car appropriate for use on a track at speed, with a volunteer instructor on-board. ;)

    uncleNick18 guest

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    The extra $67 is because they are jealous of your convertible-ness. Recoup the cost by offering ten minute rides for ten bucks on the day...

    First time post! woohoo!

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