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P112F N55

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by donh, Oct 15, 2017.

    donh guest

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    [2011 335xi manual] 59K

    Have had this code for quite some time; intermittent then not so intermittent, now permanent :(
    Many things tried, swap out new throttle body, MAF, new plugs, a pair of matched sensors (which ones escape me at this point)

    Car now runs poorly at idle (occasional stalls), still ok at rpm though
    Codes reveal the p112F always but now usually lists misfires as well.

    Garage is now telling me they feel there's a timing issue that'll be a $$ exploratory mission should I choose to pursue. Very conflicted on my next move.. any thoughts are welcome, but I feel better just writing this and expressing my frustration.
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    This code can be related to many different issues. Anything from an ECU adaption to a cracked cylinder head.

    When I had the code, the dealer replaced my whole intake system. It went away for a bit, but then showed up again.

    For what its worth, look for my "N55 adaption" thread and see if that works
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    Couple things can cause this one, the start of the death of a high pressure fuel pump. Try this first unplug the tank vent valve and let the vehicle idle for 15 mins and plug it back and clear the faults. This will reset the DME adaptations and if the fault stays away its fixed. If it returns the high pressure fuel pump might be the issue and need to be looked into.

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