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Outside Air Temp. Warning

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by gepanzert7, Dec 16, 2009.

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    Does anyone know if this annoying little feature can be deactivated on any model?

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    John in VA

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    I tapped a switch (rear window lock-out) into the chime module of my E28 to be able to turn the audio portion on/off.

    rwall guest

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    Surely there must be a way to simply deactivate this feature? BMW layers features into their controls so there are several functions per switch. Maybe it's just a matter of pushing buttons in the right sequence? I am also frustrated by this feature in my recently acquired '04 coupe.

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    You guys need to take a chill pill! :D
    Just tap the turn-signal stalk on an E30/E28 and the OBC returns to the clock mode. If you don't like the chime, pull the plug on the chime module. It's 80's technology and not really a bad feature, considering the period. On your E34, press the "code" button on the OBC keypad and it will clear your driver information display on the instrument cluster.

    On the modern cars, it may be selectable in the key preferences but you'd have to check with your dealer. I suppose you'd likely have to sign a release to have it disabled though. You know, BMW wouldn't want to get sued because you didn't know the road might be icy. :eek:
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    As Phil said, you can always disconnect or destroy the chime module. All you've gotta do is find it. I don't mind it at all on the E28. Heck, it only sounds once. If that's the biggest annoyance you have over your car, consider yourself lucky not to be me.

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