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Outcome of my request to to BMW for compensation

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by rbindc, Mar 7, 2020.

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    Last July I posted a thread describing my failed water pump and cracked valve cover on my 2011 335is with less than 27,000 mies on it. (repeated below)

    "The coolant pump failed on my 2011 335is with less than 27,000 miles on the odometer. In addition, the dealer told me my valve cover was cracked (which my indy mechanic confirmed). I realize my car is out of warrantee but shouldn't BMW bear some responsibility for these premature failures? Inoticed that BMW has changed manufacturers for its coolant pumps. The dealer replaced my OEM pump with the new version.

    Has anyone had experience with requesting a "good faith" repair?"

    I sent BMWUSA a letter last year but got no response. At the suggestion of our Ombudsman, I sent a second letter to BMW via priority mail with tracking. Several days later I received a call from Customer Service confirming that they had received my second letter, but not my first one, and that it would be forwarded to "management" for resolution. That got my hopes up - prematurely.

    Several days later I received a second call informing me that no compensation would be offered due to the age of my vehicle. So apparently, BMW management believes that a coolant pump failing at 26,000 miles and a valve cover cracking within eight years is normal for their vehicles. Can you imagine Lexus or Toyota taking such a cavalier attitude?

    The engineering on BMWs really sucks. They cut corners to hold down costs but we pay for that in the long run. Never again will I buy a new BMW and any used one I buy will be at a deep discount knowing that it will need expensive repairs in the future. Or maybe I will just buy a Lexus. Their new sporty models are looking pretty good these days.
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    Manufacturer not paying for maintenance on a product long out of warranty is standard operating procedure for the entire world. Can you imagine how quickly every company would go bankrupt if the manufacturer had to pay for all maintenance for every product ever made for ever. Original poster must not have ever run a business of any kind. Welcome to the real world.

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