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Our first BMW & new member... 09 535i Misfire Cylinder #2. Thanks!

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by jrnnolan, Oct 23, 2019.

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    I've had this car for only 5 months. Well documented service record from Ft Myers FL, super clean, etc. Thinking I'll be good for a while to simply enjoy driving the car. Heck no. She now has 70k. Initially had dealer replace a oil pan gasket. Then the front brake sensor was acting up. Thought ok. That's an easy fix and dash rest. Then approximately a month ago she died on Rt.66. Turned out to be water pump. Figured, while I'm at replace all the other know weaknesses... thermostat, water hose fitting, installed new Bosch plugs, catch can, manually cleaned valves, replace gaskets… (oil cooler, valve, manifold), coolant flush, added AFE cold air intake box w/ new dry filters for future tune, replaced missing bolts/screws, preformed code upgrades, exhaust secondary open FT now, installed and registered a new battery. Planning on relocating ECU’s in spare trunk bay. Drove for a week and she ran great! Now she's idling so rough its about to stall. Really, what now?!

    Used Blue Driver ODB2 reader. FYI... then installed new Delphi IC's
    1st read - Misfire #2, possible issue w/ ECM.
    2nd read, no mention of ECM, plus...
    • 29CE: Status: History - misfirings, cylinder 2
    • 29D9: Status: History - misfirings in case of tank filling level too low
    • 2E31: Status: History - injection valve cylinder 2, input signal
    • 2E19: Status: History - ignition, cylinder 2

    Recommended BMW scan tool for more specific info before replacing more parts that didn't help (IC's)?
    Heard Bavarian Technic (basic) is good option. If FI'ers replacement is required, will it allow for required code update?

    Carbon build up (proactive approach)
    FYI... recently cleaned manually with CRC valve cleaner. Results were ok. Nothing like a walnut blast.
    Recommended FI /valve/throttle body cleaner... Seafoam?
    Found this video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdC9aETN5H0

    Appreciate any advice and help you can offer!
    Live in Catlett. Any other DIY'ers out there to help one another?
    Also, heard about workshop gatherings. When/where is the next one?

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    If your having a misfire on cylinder 2 only sounds like the issue is only something that can affect that cylinder independently of the rest. So really leaves the ignition system, fuel injector, or something in the cylinder itself. Since you have new plugs and coils I would look into the fuel injectors. What is your index number. A injector with a index of 11 or lower have been known to fail and cause misfires. Some 535s do have a extended warranty on the injectors for 10 year or 120k miles. I would start there.
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    Good morning, completely agree with your assessment. Index 7's. Since my post we researched online, made calls, requesting assistance of the N54 facebook forum (FYI... very responsive and helpful), etc. As you may know, great resource! That said, we tried everything mention including possible extended warranty option. Unfortunately, our VIN was not listed as being eligible. Only option was to replace all the FI'ers. Dealer was quoting close to $3k. Purchased remans offering life time warranty from FCPE for $1250. Installed, reset the throttle body via INAP and she's running like a top. Appreciate your help. Thank you. John
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    Could very well be the injectors but the most likely culprit on these cars are the coils. Replace all 6 not just the one.

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