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original color

Discussion in 'Isetta (1955-1962)' started by adelhid, Mar 7, 2008.

    adelhid guest

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    Does anyone know where I can find real color chips for a 1957 Isetta. The underside shows it was red, but which one ? The color name alone doesn't help me.

    bmw22mel guest

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    Many of the auto parts stores that sell paint will have a device that can duplicate a paint color composition from a sample. That said, your "sample" is 50 years old and, from what I gather, in an inconvenient place. An alternative is a chip book, where you may find , say, a Ford color that closely matches what's on your car. In an extreme case you MAY find a chip book that has your car in it NAPA had a separate "Import" book but that may be a challenge. Usually if a store has been in business since the, say, 1970s they MAY have samples dating from then...but no earlier!

    I took a gas door(sampled the inside) to a NAPA store and the sample was id'd as a late '80s BMW 325 color "Bronzit"...which, of course, is what it was!

    BIMMIR guest

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    2nd the NAPA thing. If you get a paint code, they can mix you a brush bottle or sray can.
    maybe they have a book with the code, or somewhere on the web?

    Edit - here you go!


    1 post since you joined, maybe you're not here to hear this???

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