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Ordering vs. lot purchase

Discussion in 'Buy, Lease, Finance & Insurance' started by Rich135, Feb 17, 2018.

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    I'm thinking of ordering a 240i optioned to my specs instead of buying off the lot. I'm wondering if the dealer will be less likely to negotiate on price? For those who have ordered, were you still able to save off of MSRP? Thanks
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    Hopefully someone has some comparative experience to share. I'd presume the dealer's profit margin is the same either way, but something you order isn't costing him overhead by being there already, which I'd have to guess the overhead & everyday not recouping the expense of one already on site would be the dealer's incentive for willingness to cut a deal.

    Might also depend on how hard-nosed you want to be about negotiating & negotiation tactics to push the issue & see what they'll do, or if they would.

    Use the inventory checker on the BMWUSA.com website to check dealer inventory across the country, maybe what you want is out there already someplace. Autotrader.com too.
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    steven s

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    It's been a while but I spec'd out my car the way I wanted it. I doubt I would have gotten any better deal if I bought off the lot. The dealer will be very anxious to have you buy off the lot though. He wants to make that sale now!
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    Off the lot deal the customer has more power, when you build it switches.
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    If you spec oddball combinations or such, you may get some pushback. The reason is that if you decide to not purchase the car after all, they're going to be stuck selling it. Deleting the sunroof, for instance, is kind of a no-no since all dealer lot cars have them. Manual seats (no premium package) is in the same boat. Stripper cars are ok, but they have to have the "right" options stripped.
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    I ordered my M240i in late Feb and I was able to negotiate ~ 9% below MSRP.
    The wait is killing me!!!!

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