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Online Roundel on an iPad

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by rspeser, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Brian A

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    No no no! With a few tweaks, their sound can rival a McIntosh 275. Browse Joe Curcio's website at:
    Joe is a world expert, perhaps THE world expert, on Dynaco 70 amps. I replaced my power tube and rectifier tube sockets and installed Joe's "Quad Cap Module - Below Chassis version". I also rewired the whole darned amp with Joe's Teflon wire kit. I was so happy, the next weekend I drove down to San Jose again and bought Joe's "CAE-3U Driver Stage Upgrade Module" with the polypropylene capacitor and DC bias options. Even my wife admits the sound is good.

    If you truly truly are contemplating trashing your amps, contact me. I would love to get a pre-amp. Likewise, I have a friend who wants to get into tubes and everyone needs a ST-70.

    ... did someone say "off topic"?
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    off topic FTW

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    So true! :D
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    That has got to be the best OS comic I've seen yet.
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    Sorry to bring this back on topic, but the company that digitizes the online edition offers an iPad/iPod app for reading them without Flash. Apparently they re-brand it by publication and charge each client for it, rather than creating one app that would let everyone read such docs.

    While the BMWCCA could likely pay em to do one for the Roundel, I doubt there's enough club members wanting the service to warrant spending dues on it. Would be nice to read it on my iPad, though. I could keep the back issues! I recycle them now because I don't have the shelf space....

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