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Old BMW fan, new member here

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Schupo, Jun 21, 2014.

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    When I was very young growing up in Germany, I quickly learned to recognize the BMW roundel on the tanks of police motorcycles, and, thanks to my dad, learned to associate it with quality and elegance of design. I owned a 1971 2002 when I lived in California (Max Hoffman Motors was still the importer!) but then drifted away from BMW cars, instead buying Datsun Z's, Hondas and Acuras and always rationalizing that they're "almost as good as a Bimmer." I did put many miles on BMW motorcycles over the years, though. Now, retired and living in SW Florida, my wife and I decided that a 3-series wagon was perfect for our needs and to complement our Carrera. So, I'm back in the fold with a 2012 E 91, last of the unblown in-line 6's.

    What a well-thought-out and intelligent car! I have only one small nit-pick, and no one at my dealership, BMW of Sarasota, is able to help me with it. In order to get the nav display from day to night mode, I have to manually go through about three commands on the I-Drive system. Seriously????? Even my $100 TomTom cheapo suction cup windshield mount unit does that automatically. Does anyone here know a fix for this?
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    Welcome to the club and forums!
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    I don't have nav, sorry not to be able to help on that subject - welcome to the club & forums though! I agree that it seems like it _ought_ to do that automatically, I wonder if there's some sort of setup option buried in there somewhere.

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