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Old BMW driver, new to the site

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by wh1tby, Mar 11, 2008.

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    I have been driving BMW's for 16 years and have always loved the cars and the way they drive. Currently own a 2006 Z4 Coupe and 2007 530i. Looking forward to sharing experiences and commenting on the current state of the car industry and BMW in particular.

    In the latest Roundel I noticed that Consumer Reports gave the 3 series 5th position. What amazes me is the reasons that Consumer Reports give for their mark down. Lack of cup holders - didn't they know that driving is a full time occupation?, Return to center turn signals etc. - BMW have good ergonomic reasons for this and operation is soon learned, Multistage starting procedure - beats me how inserting a fob and pressing a button is a problem (my 5 has comfort access so it is one stage process, get in and press the button) etc. Tends to confirm that I can safely ignore CR when it comes to cars as they do not use the same criteria that I do.

    One last comment is: Has anyone noticed that the new CEO of BMW announced that share holder value is now the prime objective of BMW? What happened to making the finest cars in the world? My experience tells me that once this sort of statement is made, it is the beginning of the end for either the CEO or the company. I hope it is the CEO.

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