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OktoberFest 2013 - Schedule of Activities - Reception - ?

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2013' started by dmmai, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Since the location for O'Fest 2013 was first announced, we've been making plans to attend.
    Our first visit to Monterey / Laguna Seca. With the Motorsports Reunion, BMW Festorics, Monterey Car Week, BMW OktoberFest and countless other possibilities over the rest of the left coast, it'll be challenging to work everything into our vacation schedule.

    On the O'Fest website, looking over the schedule of activities, I noticed a puzzling entry (or three).

    Welcome Reception - Monday
    On the home page schedule, the location is listed as BMW South County.
    Click on the Schedule tab and it shows BMW of El Cajon. (same place)
    In Registration, it's shown as BMW South County.
    ... Question ...
    The welcome reception is to take place in San Diego, 450 miles away ? ?
    Is it just to be sponsored by them ?
    Typo ?

    I just thought this was a little curious.

    See ya.
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    steven s

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    BMW South County changed their name to BMW of El Cajon.
    They are sponsoring the Welcome Reception.
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    Thanks Steven

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