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Oktoberfest 2013 Hertz

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2013' started by 057133, Mar 10, 2013.

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    I'm new to the forum , but have been a BMW owner for years, e12, e23's, and currently an E24.
    A couple years back, I tried attending a club event, but sadly, had problems with my clutch cylinder and
    had to cancel attending the event. Could not find who rents our kind of vehicles, but we have options now. I work for Hertz, and they just happen to have BMW's available. And Hertz is a BMW CCA affiliate.
    Ask for the discount.
    Currently, Hertz has F30's available. Though you cannot reserve this particular model, When making a reservation, ask for Classification H, which the F30 is part off. You could get lucky and it will be available for you for pickup at San Francisco Airport, San Jose Airport or Monterey AP
    The other option and this looks fantastic is Beverly Hills Rentals (a Hertz affiliate)
    They deliver and have the following : F30, F13, F10, E89's along with all the other makes.
    Laguna Seca would be great with the F13 . The last school I participated in disclosed that Driving events
    are not Racing events, so I'm pretty sure a rental car would not have any insurance problems.
    Thought I'd share this information.
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    You really had me going with that bhsanfrancisco.com, was just about to bite the bullet until I read:

    Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car may peacefully repossess the vehicle without demand or notice at any time if:
    • The Vehicle is used in violation of the law.
    • The Vehicle is used in violation of any term or condition of the Rental Agreement or Rental Jacket;
    • The Vehicle is apparently abandoned;
    • The Vehicle is illegally parked and/or subject to towing; or
    • The Vehicle is not returned by the due date specified on the Rental Agreement.
    Each Renter shall be fully responsible for all loss or damage to the Vehicle, regardless of fault or cause.
    The acts and/or uses listed below are prohibited and violate the scope of permissive use of the Vehicle. If Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) protection has been purchased, any of the following acts, uses or operations of the Vehicle will void LDW coverage:
    • Operation of the Vehicle by anyone who is not an authorized driver identified on the Rental Agreement;
    • Use of the Vehicle for commercial hire;
    • Providing false or fraudulent information to BHRAC;
    • Use of the Vehicle in a willful, wanton, or reckless manner;
    • Use of the Vehicle in connection with conduct that can be charged as a felony;
    • Use of the Vehicle in any speed test, contest or driver training activity;
    I still might rent from them, but since my motivation is to drive the track, this seems counter-productive. Just navigating the Hertz site doesn't get me to any Bimmers, but I will call and see, have to spend more time looking for the same gotcha in their legalese, although my understanding was they were offering the performance cars to lure back the type of folks that used to rent the Hertz Shelbt Cobras and track them...

    Still looking for viable rental options as I am instructing all 4 days. I have no plans to drive my car from North Carolina, and shipping options seem outragious to me. I would rent from Bob at Bent Splitter or Ralph Warren, but 4x their daily rate is out of my range...

    Mark Woolley 75729 Winston-Salem, NC woolleym3@aol.com

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