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OK…OK…I GIVE !!!!!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Darkbeer, Dec 19, 2014.

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    I have had 30 (really) Porsches since 1970, and currently have 3 in the garage. BUT !!!! as I get along in birthday accumulation, I find that I have needed (and desired) the kind of car Porsche has never built….a road eating Sport Sedan. I drove a 2002tii for awhile in summer of 74 and LOVED it. I have friends that have been harping on me for years to get a 3 series, and now I have. I bought a 2003 (E46) 325i, you all know, the one (M56) with the $6000 gas tank (for us tree huggers in Calif)!!!! Steel Blue over tan with auto (so my spouse will drive it) and only 55K original miles !!!! really low for any 2003. I'm owner #2 and the Carfax was spotless. VERY happy with it.
    Oh, and I still have 3 years left on the 15 yr/150K M56 warranty. (plus, I have one of those stainless steel sealed gas tanks as a spare, just in case there's a problem after 2018. Obviously I am in for the long haul with this one.
    Look forward to meeting Bay Area BMW folks in the coming year. Bet I'm not the only guy with both BMW and Porsche logos hanging of cars in the garage…...
    Happy Holidays to all !

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    Welcome to the club and forums! The e46 reinforcement kit is never a bad idea. Your year is very unlikely to have any issues with the subframe since it is also a auto then even less likely. But is never hurts to be sure and get it checked out.
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    She goes up on the rack ( that sounds sort of….nevermind) first week in Jan. for a serious 'look see'
    I agree, not as common (per wheat i've herd/read) with Auto's as with sticks. I will also do the oil/filter/etc every 7500 per good advise.

    03 325i
    75 Carrera Targa
    68 912
    59 Conv. D
    89 Volvo 240 wagon (that will last FOREVER !!!!!, wife's beloved car)
    90 Chevy 2500 4x4

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