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Oil Light - Yellow after shutoff ?

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by golf5367, Feb 24, 2009.

    golf5367 guest

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    I have a '04 325Ci with 71K miles on it, 5 speed, stock.

    Just replaced the rear brakes and all is well on that front. After the test drive for the new brakes which went well (I am still here) I parked in the garage turned off the car and for the first time I noted a "YELLOW OIL" light stay on after TURNING off the car.

    I checked oil levels per manual, they are ok. Oil was changed about 3 months ago and is ready to be changed again.

    No obvious leaks or other issues, and this was the first/last time I saw it.

    I started car again light gone, has never come back ?

    Could it be related to jacking the car up for brakes ?

    Most recent service by dealer was new Thremostat and cam-shaft sensor under warranty but that was 2 weeks ago so I think it is un-related.

    Thoughts ?

    Bethlehem, PA

    MJR83 guest

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    my car did that to me the other week but i actually needed oil. but for the 2 days with the light showing after the car was off, it only came on about 2 time after turning my car on and off about 10 times through out the 2 day.
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    my 01 325 did that around 70K as well and it was the oil level sensor. Initially the light would go off after the car warmed up for a while. Eventually, though, it stayed on, despite having adequate amount of oil. I think it's located at the bottom of the pan area. My mechanic replaced it during the oil change and it's been ok since.

    Solidjake guest

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    Pretty much sums up the oils lights that come up:

    Red light: Low oil pressure. - If you see this at any time other than when the engine is not running or it just started about a second ago, shut your engine off immediately!

    Yellow light on after engine shutdown: Oil less than 1 quart low. - Check oil level with dipstick and top off.

    Yellow light on while driving: Oil 1 quart or more low. - Check oil level with dipstick and top off ASAP.

    Yellow light on for 15 seconds after engine start: Oil level sensor fault. - Replace sensor at your next oil change and monitor oil level with dipstick in the mean time.

    HausE46 guest

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    could be an oil pressure switch. I had the light and replaced the switch, and the light went away. My levels were all good and no leaks on the driveway before or after the switch replacement

    jaisonline guest

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    how the the car now in regards to the engine oil light?

    golf5367 guest

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    The car is fine. I have not had the light come back on but I have been checking the oil more frequently as it seems I am starting to burn oil slowly. So I guess the net was that it felt (the light) I needed oil.

    I am watching it like a hawk and no other issues.

    I am due for more wheel work so the jacking may trigger it again we shall see.

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