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oil light slow to extinguish

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by jim330, Jun 11, 2008.

    jim330 guest

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    The yellow oil pan light in the dashboard of my '01 330Ci is slow to extinguish upon starting the car. This occurs even when the oil is topped off. The indicator extinguishes within 30 sec. or so, but I'm wondering if this is normal or a precursor of a failing oil pressure sending unit.

    I recently changed the oil and filter after about 9500 miles with Castrol 5W-30 SynTec, but the symptom still occurs.

    Any thoughts?

    supertuna guest

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    i had the same problems, i had a 01 330i, my oil pan light come on 30 second after i start for 10 second then off. anybody have any thought please help thanks..

    E34 guest

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    yellow oil can light.

    When the ignition is on the oil can light is red then a few seconds after start up it will
    turn to yellow then sometimes turns off after a min. or so. This most probably is caused
    by a faulty oil level sender. A fault should be stored in the IKE (instrument cluster). when
    diagnosed with a gt1 tester.

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