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Oil Filters

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by ericehrman, Feb 7, 2015.

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    2007 BMW 328 XI
    Jiffy Lube, Penzoil and allot of other oil places usually do not carey oil filters for BMWs. Who do you use?
    One place said they would change the oil if I came in with an Oil filter. So can I get a recommendation on Oil filters.?
    Advanced auto parts recommended K & N oil filters

    Suggestions welcome !
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    I would stick to OEM as much as possible so you can make sure you are getting the best filtration. I have seen a lot of aftermarket one collapse or start to come apart and cause problems with the vanos system.
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    I think it's far less common than might sound, since the horror stories are what gets posted & passed around, but still, for any of the oil quick-change shops, it's worth stressing the importance of carefully hand-threading in the drain-hole bolt and torquing it to spec - the threads in the aluminum oil pan are robust enough, but if someone's not careful, it can be easy to cross-thread, or strip the threads from over-tightening. You can shop Roundel advertisers to source appropriate oil filters, including the dealers that advertise.
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    Having been in factory car biz for forty years, all. I can say is dealer love jiffy lube. They are good for one engine overhaul/ replacement per month per location. Between ex burger flippers in"the pit", costs threading drain plugs, doubling plug gaskets ar just the inferior filters they provide. Best bet ALL THE TIME is to buy genuine OEM filters and let the JL's put them on, let car sit at idle for at least 5 minutes before driving off. I know, I know, could have high pressure leak at filer...but why call it Jiffy Lube
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    There's lots of online sources for filters. I use Amazon frequently, also ECS Tuning, Bavarian Autosport, Turner Motorsport and others. Try your local BMW dealer - most give a discount for CCAers.
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    I have seen this many times. I am sure that the horror stories get more attention and post. I always stick with dealer and MANN Filters just to be safe.
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