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Oil change 2006 330i e90 w/ N52

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by Babydoc168, Jul 10, 2009.

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    Hello all-

    I would like some input on DIY oil changes on a 2006 330i sedan with the N52 engine. I am someone who is just starting to tinker with cars so I don't have much experience. How would I go about doing something like this? I've seen other posts/threads recommending a good torque wrench. What else would be recommended?


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    Oil Change Info.

    Our chapter hosts DYI workshops at sponsoring Independent repair shops for individuals like you who are interested in getting into minor repairs such as an oil changes, fluid changes, brake work, tune-ups and suspension work.

    In my youth, I changed my oil and it was easy. I never used a torque wrench, but I didn't own a BMW back then.

    I would suggest that you attend the next scheduled DYI and get the assistance you need. Once you do it with a professional's advice, you will gain confidence and they supply the necessary tools.

    If you attempt it on your own you will need a closed end wrench, an oil pan to catch the oil, there are some nice enclosed ones that store the oil until you can dispose of it properly. You should get a set of jack stands so you can get under the car safely, although you could get the oil out without them, it's just harder.

    It's wise to get a new crushable washer when you replace the oil but I have changed it many times without one. Make sure you check for oil leaks at the drain plug and filter once done and do not over tighten the oil drain plug, as replacing the oil pan is usually a $400+ job.

    You will also need an oil filter wrench. There are some new ones that actualy fit the specifc filter and attach to a rachet wrench. I used one that squeezed the filter and fit any sized filter. When replacing the filter smear a little fresh oil on the new oil filter gasket and hand tighten plus 1/4 turn. Check for oil leaks.

    I use and recommend synthetic oil for all my vehicles, as I am a light user of my vehicles and that is actually harder on an engine than heavy use.

    If you opt for having the oil changed by a shop, do not use the BMW dealership. I have the oil changes done at a local authorized BMW shop for half price using the same fluids and filters.

    Best of luck with your 330i. My sister-in-law has one with a 6 speed manual and it is awsome.

    Buck Cording
    2008 535XI
    1973 2002tii
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    What chapter are these DIY workshops held at? I pretty much know what I'm doing, but it is always good to get the perspective of others on things like this.

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    Our Chapter is the National Capital Chapter, located in Northern, VA and the Metro Maryland suburbs.

    The DYIs are scheduled either in VA or MD. The August DYI is at Passport BMW, Marlow heights, MD on Aug 15.

    Buck Cording
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    E90 Oil Change With Pics

    Click this link

    Engine oil capacity: 6.8 Quarts Or 6.5 Liters
    Filter P/N: 11-42-7-566-327-104. It is manufactured by MANN of Germany
    You can get the parts at http://www.bavauto.com/
    Or, stop by you local dealer. Lubro Moly, or Red Line are great alternatives to the recommended oil list.

    Attached a copy of BMW NA recommended synthetic oils for reference.

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