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Odd Starting Woes..

Discussion in 'E24 (1977-1989)' started by rsingh7, Apr 3, 2008.

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    I had trouble starting my car 2 weeks ago..so I replaced the starter...car was fine about 2 days later, no start...BUT I could start the car by jumping the starter to the battery without any problem..so went ahead and replaced the Ignition switch..everything was solved no problems starting..until tonight..parked the car at the store came out and NOTHING, no engaging the starter lights on the dash come on and when I go to start I hear a LOUD click on the transmission switch (S/E/321)..so I tried fiddling with the transmission by putting it in neutral and then drive and the park to see if something is not engaging..NOTHING..so I luckily had my wire still intact, jumped the car with the wire to the starter and battery and she was fine...drove home with the radio off, blower motor off, and headlights off...came home to the driveway..turned it off and she started right up..tried 3 more times and no problems..I had the battery checked at Sears and there is NO PROBLEM they say, even after the load test..

    It seems to me that my car is VERY sensitive to the battery being at its best to start the car..but again I'm not sure..what is this CLICKING noise coming from the TRANSMISSION SWITCH? its very loud..should I go ahead and change my transmission switch (both of them) now that the starter AND ignition switch have been changed?

    Any help would be appreciated, I searched the archives and am baffled about this strange problem..I thought for sure that after the ignition switch was changed I would have no problems..but this is very random..
    Its the first time this happened since I replaced my switch..what else is left? And relays that could be the culprit? Like I said before jumping the battery to the starter and it starts right up without a problem...however trying to jump from pin 11 and 14 I get NOTHING.

    BMW 1987 L6

    Thanks guys!
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    what's the noise...

    The starter solenoid is only part that I can remember making a clicking noise, and that's just when it isn't getting enough power. Are you sure the battery cable ends and posts are shiny, clean and tight?

    You can always run a jumper switch around the trans switches just to test, but I bet against them.

    Hope this helps


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