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OBDII Code Reader / Reset Tool

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by rkeysar, Mar 31, 2015.

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    I have used the bavariantechnic and I will say it works really well and is decently priced and does most things the BMW computers do. The only thing I know it can't do is register battery to the vehicle. The first one I haven't used before but does look pretty good for a OBD2 reader. Not sure though if it will do everything the bavtech will do since it is not as specific. But on the other side if you want you can do different brands but it is quite expensive.
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    I usually use Torque, a phone/tablet app, that is available for $5. You need a OBDII to Bluetooth adapter too. It is about $25. Torque will let you see any of the information on the OBDII port including while driving. You can record data and make graphs. You can also have virtual gauges on your phone.

    I don't have it but BMWhat looks neat. It supposedly lets you register a battery and do some of the programming I have done with a laptop application. I think it is about $50. It also works through a Bluetooth adapter and runs on phones and tablets.
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    I bought one from BavAuto several years ago -fairly cheap and it works fine for basic analysis - such as oil reset or inspection reset. I've used for fault codes and it's ok - it identified a misfire in one of my plugs - I'm sure there are more sophisticated models out there but this is OK for now...it's a Peake - here is a link: http://www.peakeresearch.com
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    Peake Research is no longer offering products.
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    I own BMWs 2009 Z4, and 2008 328Ic. Plus, a Ram 1500 Limited truck. I bought and use, a Foxwell Code reader with BMW programs installed, and OBII program. On the BMWs it will register a battery, read and reset all trouble codes, and make all sorts of adjustments. On a BMW, just enter the VIN, or let it self detect it. Really a great tool,

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