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NUB from NOB (Plum Island, MA)

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by hogwldfltr, Jul 14, 2019.

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    After owning two Mini Coopers (both hatchbacks and the second an S with the BWM I4), I decided it was time to switch to a bit larger vehicle. A 2008 M6 auto Convertible and a 2013 auto X3 35i were both available from the Mini dealership (next door to the BMW dealership) in Peabody. After researching the expense potential of the M6 I decided it wasn't for me. I ended up purchasing the X3 back towards the end of June (6/26).

    I'm still looking forward to receiving the Sapphire Black X3. Because the vehicle had just been traded in the title hadn't been released yet. It is likely to be received this Monday which will also be the day I pick it up. In the mean time I've been driving a JCW Countryman loaner which as I discovered is the same platform as the X1. I'm psyched to get the X3 and have already ordered a Bimmertech back-up camera. It should also be in this coming week. It is the only option missing that I really wanted.

    I'm a bit concerned about owning a BMW past its warranty period. I looked at extended warranties and have decided not to take one out. There are a few independent shops in the area which specialize in BMWs; if there are problems I'll likely use one of them. A warranty quote for four years is approximately $1K per year.

    That about sums it up. I've an engineering back ground and work in semiconductors. I've been active in forums for quite a while. I'm a bit surprised how little activity there is on the BMWCCA forums (at least for the North Atlantic. Glad to be a member of the BMWCCA. When I finally get a picture of the car I'll post a photo.
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    Welcome to the club & forums, & congrats on the new ride!
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    Welcome and congrats on the new ride!

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