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Now that MINI is a BMW... discounts?

Discussion in 'Membership Rewards Rebate' started by gmzachman, Sep 7, 2009.

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    We were wondering if MINI's would be included (now or in near future) in the rebate or discount programs since MINI is essentially a division of BMW.

    Also, I am baffled by the lack of a list of participating BMW dealers.

    Christine & Gary Zachman
    2001 M/// Roaster Owners in Las Vegas, NV
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    Since we are thinking about purchasing a MINI ourselves...


    You may be eligible to receive a reward based on the purchase / lease of a new or Certified Pre-Owned BMW via an authorized US BMW center.

    2009 Program Terms and Conditions

    • A membership of one year or more immediately preceding the delivery date of the vehicle is required to take advantage of this program. A member in good standing cannot have any lapse in membership during that 12-month period.
    • Vehicles must be purchased/leased via an authorized US BMW center. Sales documents and vehicle title must be in the CCA member's name.
    • The BMW CCA Allowance is non-transferable and is offered to CCA members and CCA associate members only.
    • If a CCA member co-signs for a vehicle with a non-CCA member, both must reside in the same household and all documents must contain the CCA member's name and signature. However, only one submission will be honored.
    • This program is not available in conjunction with other special purchase programs offered by BMW NA or BMW centers.
    • BMW allows one reward per calendar year (1/1 through12/31) per member.
    • BMW CCA Member is eligible to receive one reward, per member, per VIN. BMW CCA Member who purchases their off-lease vehicle via the CPO Program is not eligible for payment for same VIN as a CPO vehicle.
    • BMW CCA Member must be in possession of the vehicle at time of application and must remain in possession of the vehicle until the application is fully processed or for a minimum of six months, whichever comes first.

    US Delivery
    BMW CCA Membership Reward Application for US delivery must be completed in its entirety and postmarked within 60 days of US vehicle delivery date.
    European Delivery
    BMW CCA Membership Reward Application for European
    Delivery must be completed in its entirety and postmarked within 60 days of Munich European Delivery pick up date.

    Check request must be received via US mail delivery or other delivery method providing receipt of delivery (fax or e-mailed applications are not accepted). All documents received must be legible. BMW CCA is not responsible for late, lost or misdirected applications. BMW NA reserves the right to make program changes without prior notification.

    Eligible Vehicles
    New passenger vehicles (including European Delivery and Performance Center Delivery), including new SAV's and Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles.

    Ineligible Vehicles
    New, non-registered vehicles in excess of 1,000 miles including company vehicles, retail demos or loaner vehicles. 3rd party brokers, lease companies, etc. do not qualify.

    Pre-owned vehicles not enrolled in the CPO Program.

    Military & Diplomatic vehicles do not qualify.

    The MINI models are not included.

    Passenger Cars
    $ 500 1 Series - all models
    $ 500 Z4 - all models including the Z4 M
    $ 500 3 Series - all models including M3
    $ 1,000 5 Series - all models including M5
    $ 1,000 6 Series - all models including M6
    $ 1,500 7 Series - all models including Alpina

    Sports Activity Vehicles (SAV's)
    $ 500 X3 - all models
    $ 1,000 X5 - all models
    $ 1,000 X6 - all models

    Certified Pre-Owned Automobiles
    $ 500 Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

    FAQ - Click here

    For all other questions, please email rewards@bmwcca.org

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    Unfortunately, Minis are not included in the rebate program at this time. The program is updated the first couple of months of each year, however BMW NA reserves the right to change the program at any time. The Mini has never been included and while we don't expect this to change, you can always check back here for the latest terms and conditions of the program.

    As far as the parts discounts, they are set by the individual dealerships. Most participate but some choose not to...also the discount amount and what it covers varies from dealership to dealership and they are at liberty to change the terms at any time. For this reason, it would be very difficult for the National Office to keep an accurate listing of participating dealerships and discount amounts. We always advise members to call the dealership and see if they honor the membership card. Also, if you have more than one dealership in your area, check both of them as you may get a better discount at one.
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    Just to be clear, you don't need dealership "participation" to get your owner's loyalty rebate (Membership Rewards, if you insist, though I'm sure AMEX doesn't realize we're using their registered trademark). You can complete the paperwork yourself. In fact, it might be a good idea not to tip your hand when negotiating your new-car purchase. Make the dealer give you their best deal, then apply for the rebate yourself. Over-the-counter parts discount is another issue entirely and unrelated to the "rewards" program.


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