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Not for next year, but the ONE we just had!

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2010' started by Len Mueller, Sep 8, 2010.

    Len Mueller guest

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    To all the National Office staff, and Darcy's great crew from the Badger Bimmers at Elkhart Lake and Road America for O'Fest 2010; You really messed up big time!
    Since this is an event done every year, why did you all work so hard together to pull off the best one ever in 2010? I mean, how can it ever get better than the one I just got home from?
    Truly an outstanding event. Sure, the Osthoff was Ausgezeichnet. Sure, Road America is an amazing track. Sure, the town is neat and only 3+ miles from the track. Sure, the weather was perfect too. And yeah, all the food and banquets were great. But it took the N.O. staff and the Badger chapter to pull it all together. Special thanks to Linda and Steve and Darcy. You all rock!


    PS - See you at Barber and Birmingham.
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    I know I'm kinda' biased, but we did kick ***, didn't we? :D
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    Yes, C.R., you did. You all did. The National Office Staff, the Chapters, and the volunteers have set a new benchmark. That was a fun week!

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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Scott's Fun Week

    . . . except for the rally, eh, driver boy?

    :D :D :D
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    Better to have loved and lost.... :p

    When you gonna get that Mroller skate wired for a Timewise?
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    Big Thanks

    I promised some Cliff Tufte weather and it was picture perfect. The whole crew did a fantastic job, especially Mike Clemens who organized all of the track stuff. George did a great job with the Gymnkhana, CR put on an awesome show at the autocross, Jim J rocked with the ralleyes, Nancy and the registration crew were outstanding. Pat in the at track office kept every one informed! Linda rocked big time with this years venue. It was a huge undertaking and the Badger Bimmers put their best out there. My special thanks to ALL the volunteers from around the state and those from other chapters who stepped up to assist at this years Oktoberfest. You all come back now, you hear!

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