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Not all Dealers are alike

Discussion in 'E83 X3 (2004-2010)' started by camtscott333715, Mar 15, 2011.

    camtscott333715 guest

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    Bought my '06 X3 new from the Dealer in '06. Have purchased several cars through them. Have been very happy. They totally went to the mat for me, when I had a total Lemon of a 2005 330ZHP.

    In the fall of 2008, I moved a couple hundred miles away to a more rural part of the state. There is only one BMW dealer here in town. Here is how things shaped up with them.....

    Took the X3 in for some warranty repairs just before the warranty was up (46K). They had the car for two weeks. You guessed it....just long enough for the warranty date to go by. Then, wanted to charge HUGE dollars for repairs. Told me that I needed a new Drive shaft on the left rear and all new fuel injectors. Picked up the car and took it home. The "CV Joint Clicking" was not the joint, but rather the rubber windbreaker just ahead of the tire. It was hanging by a thread and was rubbing the tire. Yanked it off and Noise is gone. The "misfire" was cured by new spark plugs. Yes, very early change interval, but it took care of the 4 cylinder start up in the mornings. Tested the injectors and they were all within parameters. While "in the neighborhood" so to speak, I went ahead and splurged on the Bav Auto Red high performance coils. Car idles so smooth now, you would swear it's not running.

    Took the 2006 330ci ZHP (84K miles) in to have a transmission shifting issue checked. Got a quote for 7800 dollars for a new transmission. Brought the car home and after checking it out myself, serviced it. Completely 100 percent flushed out the old BMW fluid and replaced it with Red Line. 6000 miles now and shifting like a new transmission.

    At the same time, they told me that I needed a new rack and pinion steering gear which would run around 2000 bucks installed. Hooked up my flushing equipment and completely flushed out the old fluid and replaced it (yes, with Red Line). Steers perfectly with no noises whatsoever.

    I complained to BMW NA. Basically got the big "Yawn" there. Nothing has been done at all by BMW or this dealer. I'm sure it's obvious that I do have some expertise in the wrenching end of things but when I pay out my hard earned money for a quality vehicle, I would expect the dealer to be at least honest..... I mean, if it was a kia or Hyundai dealer, I would expect it.

    Sad to say but I think when the day comes to replace my BMW's, if I don't have an honest dealer to deal with, I think I might be changing brands :(

    jrjmpls guest

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    I know how you feel. I had a terrible experience with the dealer involved in my ED purchase. BMW NA said there was nothing they could do about bad dealers! When it's time to replace this car, I'll think long and hard about buying another BMW.

    akaomega8 guest

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    The dealer told me that they think I have leaky injectors but wasn't sure; although they I paid for a diagnostic. The cost would be over $500.00! When the car is cold it doesn't start but warm it's ok. I thought it was the spark plugs but they ruled it out by saying the car isn't misfiring. I just don't know what to do? I have spent so much money and nothing seems to work. I have complained many times to BMW NA but they never follow up on the outcome.

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