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Northern California locations for foolish behavior.

Discussion in 'Drifting' started by nmurray, Aug 17, 2008.

    nmurray guest

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    Does anyone know where I can go for a bit of sideways tire shredding foolishness? (Bay Area)

    I know there are lots of unused air bases around but how do you get to use these without breaking a law or two??

    Thank you for your suggestions…

    Arash2002tii guest

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    I guess you can try a really empty parking lot even though that still is illegal, other option I can think of is do it at an autocross until they kick you out.
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    +1 on the autocross suggestion (reasonable foolishness, but lots of fun)!

    Perfect timing, too. Registration opens on Monday June 15 for the Golden Gate Chapter's July 26 Autocross. Come check it out.
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    I would also be interested in this. There are skid pads at the Car Control Clinics put on by the BMW CCA GGC in the Candlestick Park parking lot, but that is just one exercise among several. It would be nice to have a more focused event on car control in wet conditions with a wet skidpad instead of a dry one to be easier on the tires. Or yea, like a free for all day at the candlestick parking lot.

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    Oh sigh how I love drifting. I would love to find some car clinics devoted just to drifting.

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