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Newbie from Santa Clarita Valley

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Ramildaone, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Hi my fellow Bmw enthusiast!.. I'm Ramil, newbie from Santa Clarita, California. I used to be Z3 Car Club member and want to expand my camaraderie so decided to join BMWCCA hoping to meet more people and more cars if the same kind. Hope to see you guys in one of the meets. By the way, I have a 2000 BMW z3 that my wife gave 7yrs ago and still have..see you guys. Anybody that I can mingle and tag along with around Santa Clarita Valley? You guys can call me at (661)9047521 or at ramildaone@yahoo.com
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    Sorry for the typo error.. I mean I want to expand my camaraderie so I decided to join the club of the same kind....see you guys

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    Whoa, somebody that isn't from Nebraska!

    Welcome to the forums. If I were you I wouldn't worry too much about typos - and remember, there is always an "edit post" button. It has saved my rear on many occasions!
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    Welcome to the club and forums! Your best bet for local contacts is to check your local chapter's website for contacts, events, etc.
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    Welcome to the asylum!

    You're in luck: Unless you choose otherwise, you're in the LA Chapter, and they do lots of stuff---driving schools, autocross, tours, etc. Plus you're quite close to California 33...
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    Welcome to the club!
    Its not our fault there is nothing to do here in Nebraska besides our BMW's haha.
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