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Newbee Seeking comments on Z4

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by DnChCl, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Over the years we have owned an '85' 325, '87' 635, '98 318TI, '20' 540, and currently '11' 328IX and an on and off again member of the white mountain (NH) CCA.
    After owning a Mini Cooper S Convertible for the last couple years which I just sold it is time to get what I REALLY want a Z4... Well being somewhat neurotic as far as color and not able to buy new, I have been scouring the various car sources for THE car. I have found it a couple times once being a complete internet fraud but most recently with a BMW dealer.
    Now the real issue, yes it is a certified BMW with only 17,000 but 965 miles away, the airfare is almost $900 RT. OR do I hire an agency to inspect test drive etc....
    What experiences or advice can other members offer. Thanks
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    Perhaps see if you can find a chapter officer or other long-time member contact where the car is and see if they might be willing to do you the favor of checking it out and/or getting a pre-purchase inspection someplace for you? You can find both good and bad stories about shippers, I don't have a specific recommendation, except research whichever you might choose - perhaps the company the club's recommending for shipping out to O'Fest? 965 miles is a pretty good distance, but I've driven about that far in a day - although not in a convertible. The hard top presumably helps to minimize the road noise which can wear and tire you out on long hauls. A two-day road trip of 482.5 per day isn't too bad, averaging 60 mph including stops would make for two 8 hr. driving days. All depends on your budget, time, and whatever you want to do, naturally.

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    I have bought 2 vehicles (not BMWs) from out of state. I flew one-way, had the dealer meet me at the airport and go look at the car. I am lucky that it was what I was wanting and made the purchase and had the joy of the road trip home. I would caution to check licensing laws if the purchase is from another state. I ran into an issue with the dealer trying to register my car (as they do in that state) when I needed the paperwork to register in my state.
    My thought is it is better to take the risk of having to turn down the car and fly back home, than to have it shipped to me and not be 100% happy with it.
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    Welcome to the asylum! A 900-mile day is a long run, but I've seen worse! :)
    I'm not sure where you are and where this car might be, so I can't offer my usual useless suggestions...
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    Over the years I have purchased four vehicles from out of state. I live in Maryland, and flew to Los Angeles, CA for the first, and drove it back. It was a terrific road trip. I flew to Spartanburg for the other three, and drove each car home. Each trip is unique and is well worth the time to enjoy the purchase. The one caution that was previously mentioned by kgmoodyz3 is that taxes/registration fees and laws vary greatly from state to state. California registration fees will not apply in Maryland, which means pay 7% fee in CA and another 6% to register in MD. The dealer salesman and I drove the car to Nevada (no sales tax), and went to a notary, who notarized the purchase. We returned to LA, then drove home to Maryland.
    Good Luck!

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