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New Z4 Owner - A few issues to solve

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by hoodsup, Nov 20, 2009.

    hoodsup guest

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    New to the forum. I got a pretty good deal on a 10/05 build date Z4 2.5i with 65k miles. I've been on the e39 group at YAHOO for some years and haven't yet found a similar Z4 treasure trove of info. So if someone has been down this road I'd appreciate it. The left and right mirror motors only move in two directions down and in - is it as simple as replacing the window/mirror control swith on drivers door? Another peculiarity is that the down button for stereo volume changes the channel and not the volume. The up volume button works fine.

    I get a little rattle and squeeking sound at cold startup and sometimes an extened whiny sound that is probably coming fromthe serpentine belt/tensioners, I was planning on changing the belts and will check tensioners at same time. I've had this problem on most straight sixes.

    And not to wear out my welcome to the forum one more question - that will prove my anal credentials. I replaced the plastic cover over the windshield/cowl and cleaned a bunch of leaves and junk out of there and the water drain on the passenger side as well as the microfilter box. But there is a large (2") hole for a water drain I'm sure on the drivers side just behind and above the master cylinder on the cowl - this is just above where the "sound generator" would go into the firewall. I can find no part on OEM to fit this gaping hole and the dealer couldn't either. However it would appear that sitting in heavy rain that water would drain down into this area and into the engine compartment. Anybody have any thoughts on this.
    Thanks for any help
    Bart in Florida

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