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New to this Forum, not to Bimmers. SD, CA/NYC, NY

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Zasz, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Hello! My name's Zyad, or Z as most people tend to call me.

    I'm a Southern California native, and my fondness of cars started at a young age, but a few years ago it really took off after I started working on (or under) my '88 E30 (one of my dream cars. Well, the Evo M3 is at least). I also have a cushy 2.8L E39 for lazy days, and have also worked on E36s, E46s, E28s, Audis, VWs, ...

    Most of my interests in BMWs are for Neue Klasse cars or anything E38 and before. I've spent a lot of time ogling the E9s at La Jolla Independent, and think that the best event to go to in Southern California is the yearly SoCal Vintage.

    Currently, I'm residing in Brooklyn, New York, to finish up my undergrad. schooling, and would love to meet some people who are in the area and maybe help out at some SCCA or BMWCCA events if they aren't too far out of reach from public transportation, hahah. Unfortunately, I had to leave my cars in San Diego.

    I've only read posts from the BMWCCA forums, and haven't contributed much here, as I spent a few years over at R3vlimited.com, an E30 enthusiast's website, but hopefully I'll be able to make time to post more on here.

    I would be more than happy to help in mechanical endeavors while I'm here, or just give tips to others who are thinking of buying cars or who need any technical assistance. I'm a self-taught grease monkey and proud of it!

    I hope to see you NYC people soon, before I head back to San Diego for some Summer AutoXing.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Welcome to the asylum! And keep reminding those New Yorkers that WE'RE ALREADY AUTOCROSSING IN SAN DIEGO!

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    Snow Autocross on frozen lakes is pretty awesome, if you have one handy that is...I was incredibly tempted last time I was visiting the great white north to take my rental Jetta out on the ice for some action (cough, I liked the Jetta). Needless to say the responsible part of me took over and I kept my butt on the pavement - except for a good snowmobile thrashing.

    Make some noise, share some stories, ignore the cow jokes.
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    Welcome to the club!

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