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New? Tires

Discussion in 'BMW' started by 101544, May 18, 2024.

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    I just bought 4 ‘new’ Michelin tires from my local BMW dealer. The back tires were manufactured a year ago (2423) and the fronts 2 years ago (1322) They are unused but I wouldn’t call them new. Should I call them out on these old tires or just enjoy the ride? Also, they refused to change my transmission fluid, saying it would cause problems. (2015 6 sp 228i 60k mi) Should I take it to an indy and get it changed?
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    On the surface, their stance on the trans fluid seems odd to me - I'd google up to see if that's corroborated elsewhere. Offhand, I can't imagine, on a manual, what the problem would be with a fluid change. Access is tight on modern cars so maybe it's just that filling is a gimongous hassle... or, worse, BMW has no drain plug on the manual trans & thus a ridiculous hassle to do a drain and fill.... seems unlikely though. If it's your daily and you'll need to replace them in 4 to 5 years anyway then the tire life is probably ok - you can check it on Tire Rack's technical info to confirm, but generally it's no recommended to be driving on tires over 6 years old. I nearly lost my E30 on a rainy off-ramp from just such a scenario... but that's another story! ;)

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