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New Tires and Rim Advice....

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by jwmoses12, Jun 1, 2020.

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    Hi BMW Family,
    I have a pre-owned 2016 X3 (8.5k miles at purchase) on its original set of tires; I’m currently in the market to replace the original tires (after a total of 30k miles, a feat in itself on run flats LOL). Not sure why an SUV (or to be technical SAV) would come with low profile tires is beyond me. With that being said, my current setup is staggered 245/40/20 and 275/35/20, yup, you guessed it, a rough ride. I’m interested in going to either (a) 245/45/19 all around by changing to M622 rims or (b) 245/40/20 all around by swapping out the rear M310 rims. Unfortunately, the price will be roughly the same for either setup. Please feel free to provide any pros/cons to removing the staggered setup based on the two options.
    Thank you in advance!
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    A few month ago I got a used 2017 230 X drive with those horrible run flats. rough riding, lots
    of road noise. Then I hit a bad pothole or two on the freeway and bent at least one or two rims.
    the tires were not far from being due for a change anyway, so figured out a taller aspect ratio tire -
    taller, more flexy sidewalls - would improve the ride and lower road noise inside. Plus absorb
    pothole shocks better without tire damage, which happened to one of my run flats plus bending the rim.

    After much research, I found these two websites that give specs on BMW oem wheels. They made
    lots of different wheels with different offsets so had to be careful to match all the specs. the 2017's
    also came with 17" tires with a similar offset so looked for those. Hard to find! found these 2 online
    lists of bmw wheels with all the specs.
    Car and wheel information and specifications - CarsAddiction.com
    BMW - Wheels specs & Tire catalogue dimensions for all BMW models - Wheel-Size.com
    Quite a number of used/refurbished oem BMW wheel sellers online. I got mine thru
    BMW 230i 2020 17" OEM Style 724 Wheel Rim Wheels came in excellent condition
    and when they were promised. Had tires mounted today and smooth as silk, SO much
    nicer than those run flats. I put on these tires, have had excellent results over the years
    with Michelin all season thru TireRack.com Michelin CrossClimate2 | 215/50R17
    read these test results and customer ratings Grand Touring All-Season Ratings Charts

    Not cheap but am SO happy with the results.
    Good luck!

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