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New tire's and refinished wheels

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by SuperBimmer, Aug 6, 2010.

    SuperBimmer guest

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    So I sent my wheels out to be refinished since they were starting to look bad. Got new tires to while I was at it.
    Dunlop Direzza's on all 4 wheels.
    Had small bends on 2 of the rims, so got them straightened, and all 4 refinished.

    Johan guest

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    They look great

    very nice looking wheels. I have been toying with having my rims refinished. They are silver now and have gotten scratched up no curb rash and I dont think they are any bends but couldnt promise with the streets around here. I was thinking going a dark gray. What do you think it would cost for something like this? Do you know what the process is to refinishing?

    ForcedInduction guest

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    You should be stylin now. ;)

    SuperBimmer guest

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    There are companies that specify in wheels. I used a place called NUWheel out here in Tucson AZ. They charge 125 a wheel to straighten and refinish. I'm sure you can find someone near you that does this. When I lived in NJ there was a place in Bath PA that does wheels. Wheel Collision. Very good guys, not sure how much they charged though.
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    Most be the cost of living in AZ. Here in NYC area going rate is $190+

    rdomingu24 guest

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    Down in Miami, Wheel Repair Specialists Inc, charged me $100 per corner for straightening and refinishing. Its nice having my 2003 E39 looking dapper in her cleaned "new" wheels. -- I share the feeling SuperBimmer

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