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New Owner - Xenon questions

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by tresean1, Apr 4, 2008.

    tresean1 guest

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    Hey guys, I just bought a 2003 e39 (forgive me, I am still learning the terminology because this is my first BMW--I am moving from Mercedes) with xenon headlights. I already paid for it but the BMW dealership is prepping it to near perfection for me (free thorough state inspection including replacing anything that is worn, replace front bumper, order extra key, touch up paint, full detail) and I am going to take delivery of it Saturday (hopefully). While I anxiously wait, I figured you guys may have some great answers to my questions.

    Does this include bi-xenon (low and high beam), or just low beam? If it is only low beam, what do you recommend to make my high beams xenon (or least an inexpensive bulb to give the xenon "appearance")?

    Do my angel eyes light up in halogen or xenon? If they are halogen, how can I change them to xenon? Is there a specific bulb I can instert or do I have to replace the whole assembly?

    How can I get my fog lights to be xenon? Is there a good/reliable bulb to buy to give the even color match to my headlights? (instead of the cool blue tint of my xenon headlights being spoiled by the yellowish fog lights)

    Thanks in advance for all you help!!!!
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    my 2001 has low beam xenon only

    I put Sylvania SilverStars in the high beam halogens and that helped, but they have limited lifespan. They are also the daytime running lights so that may have something to do with it.

    Your 2003 may be bi-xenon, not sure if that was an upgrade by then.

    I'm pretty sure you cannot convert the fogs to xenon, but there are blue-halogens out there. Keep in mind they burn brighter and that means you'll be changing them more often than standard halogens. It's a tradeoff.

    I wouldn't worry too much about them not matching the 'cool blue' xenons. You have a great car! I really like the look of the parking lights on with the halos and the fogs going.

    You might be able to make the halos brighter as there are kits out there (check www.bavauto.com), but why mess with it? As my experience has shown, sometimes you may have good intentions of an upgrade but it may just screw up the reliability.

    Your call. Good luck whatever you do decide.

    GregS_WI guest

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    Your high beams are standard lights. You can switch them to xenon with aftermarket parts, but you would loose the 'flash to pass' functionality. I'm happy with the light output with xenon low beams / standard high beams. Check here for a source: www.umnitza.com

    The fogs are halogen and I personally think the are useless. You could upgrade the bulbs or find a complete replacement.

    I did swap the angel eyes bulbs with the blue ones. Its nice but only other enthusiasts would notice. It only takes about 5 minutes to swap them so what the heck...

    Enjoy your car!

    kbuicker guest

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    Yes, they do make a HID kit for the fogs. The high beams are halogens. The Angel eye bulbs are very small and also light the side corner amber lamps with optical cable.

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