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New owner Seeking Advice - Winterizing my BMW

Discussion in 'E63 M6 coupe (2006-present), E64 M6 convertible (2' started by pcognett, Dec 26, 2008.

    pcognett guest

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    I live in the Northeast and I am just getting ready to put my '07 M6 away for the Winter in a friends garage. They go away for the Winter down south so there is not someone regularly there to start the car. I bought the BMW battery charging system from my parts department at my local dealership. I plan on storing the car until May (about 4-5 months).

    Any advice on tips or tricks to make sure the car is ready to roll when the weather warms up? :confused:

    The parts guys said I can leave the battery charging system plug in and connected the whole time. Does that make sense? The hood would need to be slightly open for the cables to come out. :confused:

    I want to make sure I put the car away as clean as possible (which is tough now that the snow has started).

    Should I put the car away with a full tank of gas? Should I put in any additives?

    Should I surround the car with mothballs to keep any critters away? Should I cover up the tailpipes?

    Since I can get to the car in storage in about an hours drive, I can occassionally visit it to start it up. Is every two weeks too short? Too long? My main goal is to keep it off the roads with all the salt and rocks and have an X3 to keep that BMW feeling going through the Winter.

    Any and all advice would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

    Devilsown guest

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    Yes the Dealership was right leave it pluged it as it will "trickle charge" the batt (hold a constant voltage). I would try to put it on blocks so the tires dont have flat spots. Fill the tank and put sta-bill (how ever its spelt) it will stabilise the fuel, I would try to put it in on an empty tank to mix it up and then run the car for a put to get the treated fuel in the lines. I also would think about putting some moth balls or mouse traps down around the car. I would also plug all the openings on the outside of the car and put the vent on recirulate before you turn it off so it closes the vent to let fresh air in. If you can start it every few weeks that would be great, be sure to leave it running and at least let it get warmed up fully I'd say about 10-20min just let it idle. I hope others can chime in... and yes try to wash it and cover it.

    pcognett guest

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    Thanks! It is now put away for the season. Next time I visit the car (in a few weeks) I will put the vent on recirculate (very good idea!). I did put moth balls all under the car and I put dryer sheets in the engine compartment per the suggestion of the dealership. It now has a very nice clean fabric smell to offset the moth balls smell. :)

    The dealer also said to move the car just enough to avoid tire flat-spotting and to make sure to use all the controls (brakes, hand brake, mirrors, wipers, etc.) and any other moving part to keep everything lubricated.

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