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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by safaripete, Feb 1, 2012.


Anyone know anything PRO or CON about the 04 645CI Coupe

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    Hi all, was a member from 1986 until 1999 when I gave my BMW 325ES to my son.. Well, finally I got a 2004 BMW 645Ci Nieman Marcus Model. Just in case you never heard of this BMW it was offered in the 2003 Christmas Nieman Marcus catalog. It is a one of fifty that sold out in under 7 minutes. Google it for the entire story and a test drive. The best thing is the fellow I bought it from only used it on sunny days!! It only had 10555 miles on it when I purchased it. I put it in storage with only 11,125 miles!! Can't wait for the good weather. It's a 645Ci that has a special color only offered in the "6" that year (Stratus Gray) and some extras offered on other 6's that year. I would like to know how many of these are still registered, however I haven't been able to get any info from anywhere. Well bottom line is I'M BACK AND I'M LOVE'IN IT!!! Also.......does anyone know of any inherent problems these cars and any pro-active work I might consider to alleviate problems in the future.

    Thanks All,
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Wow, what a find! Should I ask BMW NA what we might find out about this car?

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