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new model needed

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by currencydog, Jun 14, 2014.

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    I recently sent a email to customer relations to include issues with my headlights, diesel carbon build and up and lastly, model line up. Here is my portion regarding a new model needed:

    Lastly one more point. With the “model for every niche” approach, why can’t BMW make a car for the enthusiast. As a friend recently said, “a seat for every butt except the ones who built the reputation BMW has".
    Where is the Cayman fighter? The small, nimble, lightweight, fast, super handling car like a 2002 and e30 m3. We want a Miata, Lotus, Alfa 4c, Cayman, Boxster type car. The SIG e30 M3 show at NA last weekend should tell you how much we love this concept.
    It isn't the M235i. Too heavy, too expensive. Drivers in the club do things like race and auto cross and rally. M3/4 great cars but much too big and are more grand touring cars. Z4 - EXPENSIVE and also more of a tourer.
    Take the new 4 cyl turbo and throw it into a body smaller than the M235i, RWD, manual trans, coupe for strength. The M120tii or M120is sounds pretty good.
    I understand market share and profits and such, but you make something for everyone BUT us!
    Who is with me?
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    eblue540 Fourth Gen Bimmers

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    I believe the 228i might fill the bill for you. I think BMW just released an M-sport pack for that car. One of those stripped is less than $33k. For another $2k you can add most of the best performance goodies. I look forward to my first chance to check one out.

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