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New Member in Maryland

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Supertim, Nov 17, 2012.

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    I just proudly joined BMW CCA, and would like to formally say "Hi!" A few weeks ago, during the hurricane, I rescued an E30 (1987 325is, Bronzit). Poor E30 was severely abused and consequently neglected, with leaks in almost every gasket you can find, and rust spots all over. I am working hard to show it that there is still love in the world and soon enough it would see the world first hand (planning to take it East-to-West from MD to CA).

    Thanks to everyone for joining BMW CCA and making it a very unique and helpful club!

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    I can hardly imagine what would be better than a bronzit 1987 325is..... ;)

    Welcome to the club!
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    Welcome to the club look forward to seeing your project get back to its former glory.
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    Thanks for the welcome guys! I'll make sure you see the project live up to the highest standards.

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    Warm welcome to you!

    I love hearing stories of how people "rescue" cars and make them adventure-mobiles. I have a huge soft spot for resurrecting things on deaths door step (alright, I work with plants, so I do it all the time. In my world it's more along the line of seeing how long I can go without watering something - not quite like a car - where you would see how long you can run it low on oil until the pyrotechnics kick in)

    Enjoy your trek cross country, and remember, there are CCA members all over the country that would help you out if the need be. We're a friendly club :)
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    We'll see you at Monterey in August!

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