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New Member - Hello from Scottsdale, AZ

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by schwim, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Hi All!

    I've been a BMW guy since the late '80s, when I fell in love with the M6. Sadly, I was but a teen, and I couldn't find my way into one.

    The First One

    After years of saving, I sold my VW GTI 16v, and picked up a 1990 325is. Over the years, I updated the wheels to a 5 spoke setup, and put a custom Denon sound system into the car.

    I moved myself to Prescott, Arizona a few months later, where I enjoyed myself for countless hours going up and down Hwy 89/89A. The twisties on this road are phenomenal, and the 325 handled them beautifully!

    A few years later I moved to NY, where I managed to get stuck in the snow frequently. I endeavored and ultimately succeeded at getting myself back to Arizona. Sadly, 10 years and 140K miles into owning the car, my now ex-wife insisted I sell it and "allowed" me to purchase a Honda Civic SI. This was a passable car, but the driving experience suffered for it.

    In all, I drove across the US 2x with the car. I replaced the steering rack twice, had a clutch fail, replaced the passenger door (someone hit it), the moonroof (rust), the oil pan (twice - long story), and the A/C compressor. Aside from that, basic maintenance was all it needed.

    I miss that car...

    The Dark Years

    I spent a number of years, too many if you ask me, driving other cars. First was the aforementioned Civic SI. We didn't stay together for too long - it got stolen 3 months after I bought it. Next I owned 2 Acura TLs. Not a bad car, but hopelessly soul-less and uninspiring to drive. Never again.

    Enter the 5

    I managed to find my way (i.e. convince my then wife) into a 2 yr old 545i. I was back in a Bimmer! I enjoyed every moment I was in that car. Sadly, In the 4 years I owned it, it was at the dealer for almost 12 months. I had problems with almost everything in the car - check engine light always coming on, emissions warnings, replaced transmission, electric windows inop, moonroof inop, DSC failures, Active Steering failures, the iDrive computer was replaced 3x.

    I sold that car as I was getting divorced, seriously disillusioned with BMW. While I loved the car, owning it was a seriously stressful and disappointing experience.

    M stands for Freedom!

    I walked out of the courtroom in April, 2011, free from the confines of my previous marriage and need of a new car. Knowing the outcome of the financial portions of the legal wrangling, I did some calculations, and decided I could afford a "freedom gift" for myself - a new 2011 M3. I drove off the lot with my new Silverstone M3 Sedan 4 hours after I left the courtroom.

    You should've seen the look on my ex's face when she saw the car. Priceless!

    Today I live in North Scottsdale, Arizona. I mostly use the M3 as a commuter, but every now and again I get to make a run up the Beeline Hwy to Payson. It's such fun to take this car on a good, high-speed run through the twisties!

    Someday, I will make it to the track...

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    Excellent story, I love it! Divorces really bring out the best in people!

    I had a similar experience after my divorce, but it was more my ex catching me smooching on the new guy in the parking lot. Oh well, they are exes for a reason.

    Enjoy your new ride, I know I do!
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    That was my laugh of the day... :D

    Welcome to the club and glad you're back in a bimmer (& such a sweet one at that!)
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Welcome to the asylum! I'm more like the guy who said, "I'm never getting married again. I'm just gonna find a woman who hates me and buy her a BMW."

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