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New Member from Minneapolis, MN

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by avholloway, May 1, 2013.

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    My name is Anthony Holloway and as of February of this year, I am a BMW owner and BMWCCA member.

    Since that time I have already attended four local North Start BMW chapter events to include:
    • One tech session put on by Imola Motorsports
    • One tech session put ton by Orr Motorsports
    • One Advanced Car Control Clinic
    • One family and friends karting event
    I am already planning for the next event, which is a two day Performance Driving School at BIR in June. Any tips for me? Rookie mistakes I should look out for?

    My car is a CPO purchased 2010 BMW 135i with a six speed manual transmission. I love this thing!


    PS It looks like these forums are hardly used. Is that an accurate perception or am I not seeing the hot spots of the forums?
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    Certainly, the intro forum here is currently the most-posted-in of the forums. Traffic is down since a re-configuration of the website a while ago, still picking back up.

    Don't go away, and welcome.
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    steven s

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    Only tip is leave any ego at the gate and make sure your brake fluid is fresh.
    Something I regret is not keeping a log of all my events.
    Note the track. Tire pressures. What you need to remember or work on next time.
    What worked and what didn't work.

    I also find recording my sessions to be helpful.
    Especially before returning to the same track.
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    "The Norwegian Blue prefers kippin' on his back!"

    Actually though, what Floyd said - it's a small percentage of members who participate regularly on the forums; on the up-side, you'll be amongst a very select group of highly discriminating & intelligent club members ( :p) so, yes, don't go away.

    Peruse the driving school forums, you should find any number of posts & threads of interest -


    Welcome to the club & forums! :)
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    Welcome, keep posting. there are a few that do, and it gives me something to read at night while I work!
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    Welcome to the club!
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    And welcome to the asylum!

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