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New Member From CT

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by nomowhale, Jun 29, 2008.

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    My name is Larry and I am from CT. My wife and I have been BMWCCA members for a few months. I have been a BMW lover for a long time. My wife has a 2003 X-5 which we love. I have owned 2 BMWs---a 2000 323i and a 2003 530i which I drove from 2004 through now.

    A few weeks ago when gas hit $4.50 a gallon I decided to trade my 530i in for a smaller car. I wanted a Mini Cooper S but my wife rationally suggested with two young boys (one still in a car seat) it didn't make much sense. The 128i was out of the question because of its lack of practicality. I looked around for a pre-owned 3-series and didn't find one that fit what I wanted. I decided to test drive a Audi A3. We owned 2 Audi A4s about 10 years ago that my wife drove, and I remember I liked the cars. I found a 2006 certified 2.0T A3 (6 speed manual), and I decided to buy it. It was a heart wrentching decision for me not to get another BMW, but my wife still lets me drive the X-5. I am very impressed by the A3. It is a fantastic car. The interior is first rate and the engine is fantastic. The torque band is beyond belief.

    I am happy with the car I will be driving for the next few years, but I am hoping my next car will be a 123d. If not, my prediction is I will be driving a Mini Cooper S or Audi A1. I am done with big cars considering all the commuting I do.

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    Welcome, Larry, To The BMW CCA!

    You have certainly come to the right place for everything BMW! My Fellow Members and Staff are always here to answer your questions, share a story or two, and enjoy the passion we all have that is BMW.

    I would recomend bookmarking Real OEM (BMW)-Click Here as an excellent source of schematics and parts list breakdowns for your BMW. If there is something you need to order.. you can pull the OEM part number here and order it up at either your local BMW Center (Dealership) or, for example, Pelican Parts-Click Here.

    If anything comes up don't hesitate to ask. Good Luck and Best Wishes!

    (Gatsby740iL) :cool:
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    Welcome and congratulations on your new purchase. Before owning our M3 sedan, Bev drove an 1999 A4 for several years. The interior was great, but she could not warm up to it because it "had no soul". I do want to get in to test drive them again to see how they have changed since our last one.

    I hope to meet you at a local event in the near future. We head into CT to work the grid at Lime Rock, so if you are ever there for a race stop down and introduce yourself. We are in white covered with BMW patches.
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    I appreciate the welcome guys.

    Scott, if you test drive an A3, let me know your thoughts. One thing for sure you never see any on the road which is a reflection of poor sales. I think the car is hidden gem.


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