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New Member - Fired Up!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by jlfour, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Greetings All,

    I finally pulled the trigger on a bimmer. I've had many cars in my life, but this truly is the finest piece of engineering I've ever driven. I mean I had no idea! My pulse actually goes up when I climb in the driver’s seat. Isn't that part of one of their marketing campaigns? It seems to be begging me to open it up. How is that possible? Ok, I'm rambling. Do you guys know what I mean? Am I crazy?

    Oh, I almost forgot: It's a 2009 335i Coupe M Sport + Perf and Cold Packs. I don't know that I would have sprung for all of these options if I was buying new, but I'm loving all of them. Thanks previous leaser. It's Sapphire Black Metallic with black leather interior. The racing seats are one of my favorite options. I bought it CPO, and was delighted to learn that it still has 3 years on the warranty and 1 year on the zero dollar maintenance.

    I look forward to participating in CCA and in this forum.

    See you around,
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    Congrats on your new car & welcome to the club, glad you're enjoying the new ride! Crazy? No. ;)

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    That is exactly how I feel every day too. I love that you're willing to open up and share your enthusiasm with the rest of the group. You'll find that there are some really passionate people on the forums, along with a few grumpy old codgers - but it takes them all to make the world go round!

    Keep that pulse up, windows down, and enjoy the ultimate driving machine.

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    Yeah baby! :D Enjoy your ride...and the club...you will have fun with both.

    By the way - since it's CPO, check out the rebate links in this site. You can get some $$$ back from BMW NA by filling out a few forms and mailing them in within a certain time frame of purchasing your car. It's well worth it!


    You ain't crazy...if love of a bimmer is crazy, then someone please commit my sorry behind! :p
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    Welcome to the asylum! Let me assure you that we have other inmates even crazier than you!
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    Your first sentence pretty much sums me up.
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    Welcome, I know exactly how you feel about the build quality of these cars. I don't know why I left Bavaria for Japan but I am back to stay!

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