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New Matchbox bimmer love for 2016

Discussion in 'BMW' started by MGarrison, Jul 30, 2015.

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    Not sure if I may be the only one around to get excited over $1.00 mass-produced diecast models, but this 1M from Matchbox will be part of a 2016 "Best of the World" series (looks like there will be another BMW police motorcycle as well). Great color and deco, unfortunately MB has stuck the wrong wheels on it - I might feel compelled to tackle a wheel swap just to make it look right. Believe it or not, that's a thing, there are many who 'mod' these in various ways, Hot Wheels even makes varieties of wheel/tire sets for retrofitting.


    Pics from the Lamley blog -

    If you're puzzled the 1M is labeled M1, BMW apparently required the labeling change from Matchbox for some unfathomable reason.
    Lamley 2016 botw black-orange 1M.jpg

    Lamley 2016 BOTW.jpg
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    The Real Flycaper e12 e34 e36x2 e39

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    a friend of mine always hooks me up with various bmw matchbox cars. I think I have a few 2002's and Im sure I have a bunch of e36's. Im gonna check their wheels.

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