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New From SW Minnesota

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by KingJeremyTW, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Outside_BMW_001 - Copy.jpg Hi,

    Allow myself to introduce....myself...

    I'm Jeremy and my wife and I are both long time BMW fans. We actually met while both stationed in Germany where I had an E30 I drove the wheels off of, or tried to anyway. Now we're in SW Minnesota where we live with an X5 (hers) and a '91 318is (hers too, but she lets me call it mine).

    The E30 is a work in progress. Last week the paint, body and interior were wrapped up and I'm on to other odds and ends. Don't start throwing stuff at me, but I went with a color that isn't quite BMW...Rosso Corsa, A.K.A. Ferrari Race Red. The interior was done in black leathertte (that is OEM BMW) and red stitching. Luckily my dad is a retired paint and body guy who used to restore Ford Model As...so I only had to pay for the parts and supplies. The M42 has a few miles on the clock but still runs like it was meant to, so no worries there, just a few little things to get the maintenance up to a level it deserves. I've already replaced the shocks and struts only to realize I should have thrown new springs on and lower it just a touch. Oh well, it will be a good winter project. I have some 17" Beyern Mesh wheels I'll throw on as soon as I get home (deployed...it sucks). There's a list a mile long on the stuff I want to do, but I'll spare you the long, boring read.

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    Welcome to the club the e30 is looking good, keep us up to date on how the project goes.
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    Welcome to the club & forums!

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