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New CCA member....I think.

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Cold6983, Jan 31, 2010.

    Cold6983 guest

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    Hello everyone,

    First off, my name is Eddie and I have an E46 330i 5spd that has refueled my love of automobiles. This car is my first BMW but, after my first year with it, I can say that there will always be one in my driveway from now on. I grew up a Mopar motor head, spending all my time tinkering on Darts, Chargers, Demons, etc. and learning every possible way to tell Plymouth GTX from a Roadrunner. I loved everything about cars and was quite obsessed. But, then time happened, I grew up and became a father and a husband and had less time to spend working on cars. I tried to get back into them w/my last car but it seemed I was spending more time trying to keep it running than enjoying it. Then I found out I was transferring from Georgia to Washington state and was going to have to travel by car. Reliability being an issue, I knew I had to trade my car in for something I wouldn't be afraid to drive 3k+ miles. This is where my wife got to see the little grin any guy gets when he's put together some "perfect plan" to buy something she normally let me:D. Since I got my first Bimmer, I haven't looked back and have been fairly surprised at how reliable it is while still putting power to the ground. I still can't understand why people say these things are hard to work on, seeing as pretty much every repair I've had to do has been pretty simple and straight forward.

    Anyway, my wife says I'm going way to in depth for an intro, so I'll sum it up with a pic of the car and a question.

    The car

    The question

    I registered to join the CCA today and during the process I had an error stop me from proceeding to the next step (after selecting membership, documenting name/address/etc).
    When I hit the back button and tried again I got a message stating to call a # (I will on Mon.) and that I may have been "double charged" for the membership. I hadn't entered any billing info in yet, so I'm not too concerned about paying too much, but I do want to make sure that the CCA does get my dues so that my membership doesn't get canceled. I have a member # now, and the site seems to be letting me access the members only areas, but I would like to know if this is in anyway "normal" or if I am going to have to wait until Mon. to verify membership and wait to order the parts for the car that I was hoping to use membership discount on?



    edit: I saw that on fasteddie03m3's intro thread that the info that I put in did in fact register me, I'm still not sure about how the payment is going to work considering it sounds like he already entered the credit card info and I didn't...
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    TeamStowell We love driving!

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    Welcome friend!

    Welcome to the gang Eddie!

    We are glad you have joined the group, and look forward to hearing more from and about you and your family. Just give National a call and they will make sure everything is set with your payment and such. The info is listed under the BMW CCA tab listed above on the banner on the Administration page.

    My question to you is how long before your wife gets jealous and wants her own Bimmer? Beverly waited two years before she started looking for her M3.
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    National BMW CCA Office Membership contact person

    Hi Eddie:

    When you call the 800 number for the BMW CCA National Office you should speak to Steve Schlossman who will clear up any problems that you are having with your registration process.

    Welcome to BMW CCA, more info about the Club is located at www.bmwcca.org!


    John Sullivan
    BMW CCA North Atlantic Region VP

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    steven s

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    I'd love to have a 1969 Road Runner. :)
    I remember a guy in High School had a SuperBird.

    Cold6983 guest

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    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome, I can't wait until the next event so I can meet up with everyone and talk some cars...

    Well, I'm actually probably never going to be able to talk her into getting one, lol. My wife's taste in cars is completely different than mine. She's a Mitsubishi girl, her "Dream Car" is an Eclipse. She doesn't really like BMW's all that much, but she is very, very supportive of me, the car, and car clubs. On a good note, Jenn is coming around...She likes the 2010 "5" series a lot...now I just got to wait until I can afford it to bring her over from the dark side, hehe.

    Thank you very much!!

    I always like the way SuperBirds looked over the Daytonas...someday I'll end up with a '68 Dart GTS 'Vert...or at least I can dream...lol.
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    welcome, maybe, we'll see if you're officiallly a member or not ;)
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    I'm with you on this one. I've done all sorts of minor to moderate maintenance on mine and never had any difficulty that couldn't be blamed on the organic end of the tool. You don't fully appreciate the beautiful engineering of these machines until you take one apart.

    Welcome aboard!
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    Wait 'til you get her out to some car control and driver schools and she sees what these cars can do. ;)
    My own preference is for the pure '68-'70 B Body, unmolested by wings and ungainly droop snoots. A '70 Plymouth (Satellite, GTX, or Roadrunner - doesn't much matter) in Lemon Twist or Vitamin C ...


    Cold6983 guest

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    68-70 B bodies=me drooling on myself. I like the Daytona/Superbirds for the rarity and the ability to pull off a 4 ft wing and not look wrong. Overall styling, though I have to choose a 68 Roadrunner!

    Well, time to make some phone calls to verify my membership!!! After that time to order rather large amounts of bushings, shocks, and other various toys for the car, :cool:
    Then I'll play the waiting game for delivery to overhaul the suspension and do some beautification; waiting for parts is worse than waiting for Christmas when I was a kid.

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