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New 840ci purchase!!

Discussion in 'E31 (1991-1997)' started by weldonchin, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Just purchased a '97 840ci. Have been looking for one for several years now, but couldn't find one that I liked. This one is a calypso red/grey interior with only one owner, original paint and only 37k original miles!! Brought the car in to a BMW dealer for a pre purchase inspection and dealer couldn't believe the near pristine condition. The original owner had it in a heated garage with a car cover! Dealer did recommend a couple of things and I wanted to see what other owners thought. One item was he noticed "slight seepage" in the valve covers and recommended replacing gaskets - he said that it was very minor and that it wasn't unusual for a 16 year old car and that rubber does dry out over time. Second he recommended that the front struts and mounts could be replaced. Though there is no sign of leakage, he did recommend replacement -thoughts? Are there any other items that other owners have seen that I should look out for?

    Car is truly a stunner and IMO the most beautiful body style made by BMW. Hopefully my 2012 550 ix doesn't get jealous!!
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    I don't know about your 550 ix, but I am jealous! No suggestions, but sounds like you will be happy regardless.
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    Rubber suspension-related pieces/bushings, yes, maybe. Take a good look yourself and see if you see any deterioration. Can't imagine struts/shocks being mechanically worn out - if they're leaking, as clean as the car sounds, seems like that would be pretty easily noticed; you'd see oil/wet someplace in/on/around 'em. But, at that low a mileage, even with the age, I wouldn't expect struts/shocks needing particular attention, at least for some time. If there's something specific to the 840i, ok, but generally, you wouldn't figure shocks being much of an issue @ 37k.
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    Great choice on the car they are very good looking and hard to find in good shape. The valve cover gaskets are very common to leak on that engine I believe it is the M62 non TU engine meaning no VANOS. The reason the valve covers leak on that engine is because of the paint they used on the covers themselves. The paint begins to peel and breaks the seal between the gasket and cover. When doing the gasket replacement be sure to have the paint cleaned off or it leak again. Also if you do decide to do them look into doing your upper timing case cover gaskets as well they tend to leak to. As for the shocks do a bounce test jounce the car up and down a couple times and then let go and count how many times the car bounces until it comes to a stop. If it was more then 3 then you need new shocks. Good luck and enjoy that car.

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