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need some input on next purchase.

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by xanaduguy, Sep 1, 2008.

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    so I am about 1 and a half years away from my conversion from lease to a purchase of my next BMW 3 and i need some input from you guys with all the answers. ;) . just wanting to confirm my logic is correct.

    Some background info on the table thus far:
    1. Next car will be a daily driver
    2. definitley going with 335
    3. wife is interested in a Z4 for a convertable experience.
    4. dont tell wife but whatever I get may get a dinan "upgrade" ;)

    And here are my questions:
    1. I live in wisconsin and not sure if I shoudl do xi or plan old i. I used to drive in wisconsin winters in an old camaro back in college times so rwd not a significant factor.
    2. Rwd in snow could be significant though since I do go to local ski hills and drive out of state for skiing in winters.
    3. Above list of "knowns" stated wife was looking at Z4 in additon to daily driver for the convertable experience... wondering viability of Convertable 335 for wisconsin. .. am I crazy for even thinking of that for a daily driver ?
    4. last wrench in whole decision factor... we are planning a family and well eventually a kid seat will be going into the bimmer... if I were to go with a coupe over sedan ( especially if I went convertable) how much more of a PITA is the car seat issue?

    I look forward to your thoughts... let me finish by saying I really love the fact that there is a club with this much information and history and love of driving that I can ask these types of questions and learn from others who have gone before. :)
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    My wife is due in 5 weeks, a car seat fits perfectly in the middle of the rear seat so 2 passengers can fit outboard. a coupe would be a major PITA IMO. Both of our vehicles are xi, we get a decent amt of snow in St Louis every yr and the xi is as good as if not better than my 4runner.
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    good point.. just try to confirm or deny my own suspicions. ; )

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    Car seat in a coupe?

    Yikes, don't think that hassle is worth it. Having hauled my children around (3 of them) and now my grand daughter, you have no idea the hassle of getting the kids in those seats. And that is based on them actually WANTING to be in the seat.

    Performance difference between Sedan & Coupe on the 335 is negligable. I think you will be VERY happy with the power!!! I enjoy it everytime I push the right pedal!!

    I live in Ohio and opted against the X due to the power loss & difference in handling. And I do live in the "snow belt". But like you I was raised on 2wd and it really is not a big deal.

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