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Need some info please - substituting wheel rims 1985 735i

Discussion in 'E23 (1978-1987)' started by robertwestling, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Hey, need some info. I am trying to find out if bmw has some 17" rims off of a 90's 5 or 7 series that can replace my stock metric wheels and tires?
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    This thread may have the most pertinent info - ignore the sniping between the thread participants and scroll down for the chart.


    Other info:




    Didn't explore this page to figure out how to navigate it -


    google translate version:


    A couple of new options, same wheel in 15" & 16"



    I think most would recommend against a +3 setup using a 17" wheel, you'll be on rubber band tires with compromises to ride quality and performance, including suspension function. You'll also be at much increased risk of rim damage or tire blowout if you hit potholes or bumps; 17" tires are also more expensive than 15's or 16's.

    From the chart in the first-linked post, looks like you might have a variety of choices - make sure the offset will work. I'd suggest sticking to 15's or 16's. You can search ebay for used wheels, also Roundel advertisers, or try Craigslist. You can use searchtempest.com to do a regional craigslist search if you want to more easily search beyond your local craigslist.
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    Greg E34

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    17's are great for a daily wheel on these cars. I have run them exclusively on my lowered 745i for a few years with no ride issues at all. I've run 17" Alpina's, Style 42's and M-Systems.

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